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Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                    What Types of Payments Do You Take?

Due to the Group Discounts we offer & being the highest paid mobile company for your elite massage therapists- a 25% Surcharge Fee Will Be Included in your final invoice when using credit cards. Preferable Method of Payment for Our Mobile Team is Our Company's Venmo @Spa-Pros2go

What kind of massages do you offer?

We offer Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Stretching, Medical Massage, Sports Massage or a combination of any!


What Are the benefits of massage therapy?

People get massages for many reasons; relaxation, injury recovery, headaches or migraines, stress relief, and management, improved circulation of all systems, depression, and anxiety.


When should I avoid massage?

If there is a fever, dizziness or you have recently been in an accident it is encouraged to postpone your massage until you feel better. If there is a medical preexisting condition it is advised to get medical clearance from your doctor beforehand.


Do I have to get completely undressed?

The most important thing is to be completely comfortable. We will Always make sure you're at your comfort level and always covered.


Do you change sheets often?

ABSOLUTELY! Clean & New Linen are provided for all of our therapists.


Do you offer gift cards?

For Every Occasion!!


What are your COVID-19 protocols?

We respect all COVID-10 health regulations as dictated by law. We will assess your unique needs as always. We are All Fully Vaccinated since February 2021 & We still wear our masks when requested as part of Our Uniforms! 

Hands must be washed by both client and therapists before each treatment. 


New linens are provided for therapists quarterly. Diffusers, immune boosting essential oils, new clean linen, robes and tables are sanitized in between clients has been our way of providing services before COVID-19.

Deposits and payments must be received in a timely manner by everyone, before services are rendered to guarantee our hardworking therapists travel time and hours.  

Do My Gifts Expired?

Yes, due to our incredible specials, all purchased gifts expired after 12 months






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